Changes to hospital billing

Sep 25, 2017

If you have been a patient at the hospital, and are enrolled in a payment plan, or have a self-pay balance due, you may have received a letter in mail about us changing our payment terms recently.

Any self-pay balance for services older than 45 days will be transferred to Receivable Solutions, a local third-party billing company, starting October 1. After that date, Receivable Solutions will be contacting you to discuss a payment plan for your account(s). Receivable Solutions offers additional flexibility in their management of your account, and you will not be charged interest. Accounts assigned to Receivable Solutions are not in a “collection” status and being transferred to them will have no adverse effect on your credit report.

You can still pay your bill the way you always have at the hospital. You can pay your bill online at, in person at the CCMH Patient Accounting office or call 855-437-2864.

Not carrying patient accounts longer than 45 days is an industry standard followed by most hospitals and health systems in our state and region. Should you have questions about this, don’t hesitate to call 307.688.1406.

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Shawn Reznicek is the Patient Accounting Manager at Campbell County Memorial Hospital

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