Three tips to help you keep good posture at your work station

Apr 27, 2018

Injuries often don’t just happen during accidents; they can stem from daily work activities that strain our muscles, tendons, nerves and joints, having long-term effects on our well-being.

Campbell County Health Rehabilitation Service’s professional staff works with individuals and businesses to ensure that stressful work tasks and workplace hazards don’t aggravate the body. By identifying these negative situations, CCH therapists and trainers provide ergonomic recommendations and solutions for redesigning workspace and job tasks.

Check out this video with three tips to help you keep good posture (have good ergonomics) at your work station.

One-on-one ergonomic evaluations are available for businesses and individuals for $300 per assessment. This includes a physical assessment on site, as well as a written report. For more information, call 307.688.8000 to speak with Brenda Robertson. Learn more at