March 2018 Campbell County Health Provider of the Month Chet Rall, APRN

Mar 22, 2018

Our providers are experts... and great people too! Meet Chet Rall, APRN, the March 2018 Campbell County Health Provider of the Month!

Nurse Practitioner Chet Rall just celebrated his third anniversary at the Campbell County Medical Group Walk-in Clinic. Chet was in private practice in rural Tennessee for more than 10 years before coming to Gillette, Wyoming. He was looking for an opportunity to live in Wyoming because in his words, everyone was in such a hurry and there were too many people in Tennessee.

Chet’s clinic was the only healthcare facility in the small town of Grand Junction and more than 20 miles from the nearest hospital emergency department. He was used to handling all kinds of medical situations with patients of all ages, so the Walk-in Clinic has been a perfect fit. Chet has appreciated the opportunity to work with the other advanced practice providers and Drs. Tim Bohlender and Sherri Blanchard to confirm a diagnosis or discuss a patient’s problem.

Chet relies on his people skills to make his patients feel comfortable, and he has a special way with young patients. This wasn’t always the case, and he had to learn those skills when he first started practicing. He’s glad he still has the time to develop relationships with his patients in the Walk-in Clinic.

Chet is retiring, sort of, as of March 31. Fortunately for CCH, he still plans to fill in at the Walk-in Clinic when needed. He says that maybe he can start to relax and not have a project to work on all the time.

According to wife Susan, Chet can’t stay still and always has to be doing something. Fortunately for his patients, that something has been giving great care.

Thank you Chet Rall, for providing our patients with excellent care.