CCH Pain Management Symposium: Activity

Sep 21, 2018

Campbell County Health Physical Therapist Jordon Soloai takes a moment to chat about how staying active can help with pain management. Jordon is one of many CCH professionals behind the upcoming Chronic Pain Management Symposium that takes place later this month in Gillette, Wyoming.

This Chronic Pain Management Symposium will offer tips and tools to help participants improve function and regain areas of life that were once enjoyed. Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting six months or longer, is ongoing, lasting beyond the expected time for healing.

There is no charge for the two-hour session and it is open to all adults with pain. Participants will leave with a resource notebook and most likely a fellowship with pain sufferers in the community that they can relate with.

Topics include:

  • Partner with your healthcare provider to explore alternatives and medication.
  • Learn new coping strategies.
  • Tools to manage flare-ups.
  • Food and lifestyle modifications.
  • How to change the “Fight or Flight” response to pain.

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