Surviving Spring With Asthma

Apr 12, 2019

Asthma and allergy symptoms often go hand in hand. Seasonal allergies, like pollen, not only irritates and inflames your nose, it also does the same to your airways. If you notice your asthma symptoms increase while outdoors, it could be heavily due to a pollen allergy.

It’s not possible to avoid going outside; however, you can stay inside during high pollen times, which are generally during the early morning. Here are other ways you can ensure your asthma symptoms remain at bay during the springtime:

Be Prepared

If you do plan to go outside, make sure you are consistently washing and changing your clothes afterward. Pollen sticks to your clothes, your shoes, and even your pet, so it’s especially important to stay clean and tidy during the spring months to lower your chances of irritation. Keep allergy medications and inhalers with you at all times, too.

Keep Windows Closed

Most of us can’t wait until we can open the windows, but that breeze brings in pollen. So on windy, high-pollen days, it’s best to keep your windows closed.

Seek Help

When you do feel an allergy or asthma attack coming on, seek help immediately to avoid any symptoms from getting worse. The Campbell County Medical Group Walk-in Clinic is open seven days a week and is available to help when a mild asthma attack, allergy symptoms, or breathing difficulties occur.

The Walk-in Clinic in Gillette, Wyoming can provide you with the personal and quality care you need. Save your spot in line or walk-in today! Learn more at