CCH can help cancer patients suffering from Lymphedema

Mar 06, 2019

Today is National Lymphedema Day. Campbell County Health Rehabilitation Services and Home Medical Resources in Gillette, Wyoming want to give a shout out to those suffering from lymphedema. They know the struggle and pain that lymphedema can cause, and want you to know that they can help you feel better.

Lymphedema refers to swelling that generally occurs in an arm or leg, or both, as part of cancer treatment. Lymphedema is most commonly caused by the removal of or damage to lymph nodes and results from a blockage in the lymphatic system, which is part of the immune system. The blockage prevents lymph fluid from draining well, and the fluid buildup leads to swelling.

While there is presently no cure for lymphedema, it can be managed with early diagnosis and diligent care of affected limbs. Care and treatment include light exercises, wrapping the affected limb, manual lymph drainage, and compression garments.

CCH Home Medical Resources are your local compression garment experts and CCH Rehabilitation Services has highly trained physical and occupational therapists, and aides, who specialize in lymphedema treatment. Therapy visits are available within 24 hours and you don’t need a physician order to be seen.

To learn more, contact Rehabilitation Services at 307.688.8000 or visit To check out what compression garments are available at Home Medical Resources, visit them at 901 W. Second Street, across from the Rockpile Museum; or call 307.688.6260.