What can I do to sleep better?

May 27, 2019

Do you ever ask yourself, "What can I do to sleep better?" If so, check out this video with Dr. Michael Nolledo with CCMG Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine.

Did you know that May is Better Sleep Month? If you want to sleep like a kid every night, check out this blog by the Better Sleep Council: Goodnight, Sleep Tight, Make Sure You Sleep Like a Kid Every Night.

Michael S. Nolledo, MD, is a provider at Campbell County Medical Group (CCMG) Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine, which diagnoses and treats diseases of the lungs and respiratory system, and evaluates and treats sleep disorders in Gillette, Wyoming. To schedule an appointment with him, call 307.688.3615 or visit www.cchwyo.org/pulmonary.