Know Your Numbers: Wellness Panel

Nov 27, 2019

Humans are diligent in keeping up with statistics—and this time of year it’s all about football. Who is winning and who is losing. Who threw the most yards, ran for the most yards and who has the most penalties. So, how well is your team performing?

As vigilant as we are about our team stats, it’s also a good idea to monitor your numbers—your blood sugar, your cholesterol and what exactly is your iron doing these days?

Having a basic blood draw is just one way you and your doctor can monitor how well your body is performing.

CCH Wellness offers a daily blood draw service that includes a Wellness Panel, which can help you obtain most the information needed for you and your doctor to monitor your health through a simple, affordable blood test.

The Wellness Panel covers 32 tests that measure cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose, thyroid function, uric acid, liver function, kidney function and several minerals. The American Heart Association recommends individuals who are over the age of 20 have their cholesterol checked every four to six years, and is just one example of why having a regular basic blood screening is important.

If you are planning to have a Wellness Panel screening, there are a few things you need to do to ensure accurate results are reported. First, fast for 10-12 hours. This is because the normal values for the blood glucose test results in the Wellness Panel are based on a state of fasting, which simply means to not eat any food or take in calories during a 10-12 hour period before your blood is drawn. Drinking water is acceptable, and can actually help your blood draw go more smoothly. Contrary to the old wives tale, you can brush your teeth too! You do not need to abstain from your regular medications—please take them as prescribed.

Exercising one to two hours before a blood draw is not recommended. Working out prior to a blood draw can change the blood glucose results of your test, and can alter the cholesterol tests, too. A strenuous workout can also alter liver enzymes in the body. It’s best to also avoid smoking during the fasting period, as nicotine can alter some screening results.

If you want more information on how to get the most accurate blood test results, read this blog.

Football teams use their statistics to alter their performance and evaluate what changes need to be made to be in tip-top shape. When you collaborate with your health care team, a blood draw may be the first step in the evaluation process to help you make the most of your health. It’s like the instant replay for your heart and more!

Wellness offers the Campbell County, Wyoming community daily blood draws every Monday-Thursday, from 6 am-12 pm, and Friday, from 6-11 am, at 1901 Energy Ct., Suite 125—located behind Wendy's in Gillette, Wyoming. For Wright residents, these screenings are also available at the Wright Clinic, 500 Latigo Drive, Monday-Friday from 8-11 am. No appointment required! Use the My Health Home patient portal and get access to most test results in less than 48 hours. For more information about the blood tests and health screenings available at Wellness, call 307.688.8051 or visit

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Rachel Conrad, PBT, CPT, MA, works at CCH Wellness as a Technician, Phlebotomist and Health Coach in Gillette, Wyoming. Campbell County Health's Wellness works to reduce health risks and promote overall wellness among employee groups and individuals in Campbell County, Wyoming and beyond. To learn more about Wellness, please visit or call 307.688.8051.

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