Emergency Room Begins Co-Pay Collection

May 22, 2013

Effective June 3, Campbell County Health will begin collecting an initial payment at the time of service for Emergency Room visits. Initial payment collection for other outpatient services, such as Radiology and elective surgical procedures will begin in the next three months.

This initial payment will be applied to the patient’s deductible and co-payment. The amount of the initial payment is based upon the patient’s insurance plan, but will generally range between $25-$250. Patients who do not have health insurance, or those whose co-pay or coinsurance costs cannot be identified will be asked for an initial payment of $100. Medicare patients with supplemental insurance, Medicaid recipients, patients with dual insurance coverage, VA and Workers Comp are exempt from the initial payment policy.

Deductible and co-payments have traditionally been billed to the patient long after care has been provided in the Emergency department. Collection of an initial payment or co-pay for hospital services is a common practice throughout the healthcare industry, as it helps to reduce overall bad debt. CCMH currently requires an initial payment at the time of service in all 14 Campbell County Clinics.

As has always been the case, CCMH will continue to treat patients in the Emergency department regardless of their ability to pay. The CCMH Financial Assistance policy outlines the steps to apply for assistance and describes payment options.

For insurance-related questions regarding this change, please contact Missy Poloncic, Patient Accounting Manager, 307.688.1415, or Melainie Buer, Admitting Supervisor, 307.688.1141. For comments regarding this change, please contact the Patient & Guest Services Department at 307.688.1530.