Balance: The key to a healthy life

Nov 12, 2014

I love Wyoming in the fall. Football. Trees changing colors. World Series. Hunting.

It's all good.

This last week I was fortunate enough to get my fifth elk in five years. Although it is rewarding to come home with the critter you went hunting for, the real reward is spending time with family and friends, fresh air at 9,000 feet, plenty of exercise, world-class scenery, and the peace of mind knowing you are miles away from technology.

There are all sorts of benefits of living in Campbell County, Wyoming, none of the least of which is the outdoors opportunities that are abundantly available to us. I am always surprised at how far people come from across the country to enjoy the benefits that are available to each of us, almost in our backyard.

A significant part of a healthy lifestyle is finding something, anything, that engages your mind and body in an activity that gets you out of your normal professional or vocational routine. Whether it's skiing, practicing for and running a marathon, riding horses, or photography, we all need an outlet and Wyoming provides us each with the perfect palette of outdoor opportunities.

I can say that working in healthcare is a difficult, and often stressful, environment. I'm sure anyone in any industry could say the same. Be sure to take care of your mind and body by finding that healthy activity that makes you think hard and breathe deeply – it is both important and rewarding.

You will never regret spending time in the greatest playground in the country.

Men's Health
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