This month from the Kid Clinic: Back to School

Aug 30, 2016

School has begun! Families are back to packing lunches, doing homework checks and rushing to make it to their child’s activity of choice. By the end of the day, it is no doubt that families are run down and ready for bed. Below are a few suggests from the Kid Clinic to try to make the end of the day more peaceful for parents and helpful for children to be ready to learn the next day.

First try to establish a consistent routine. Wake up at the same time in the morning, have a set schedule for getting ready and heading out the door, eat nutritious meals around the same time, and get ready for bed and go to sleep at the same time.

For the mornings, make the routine process simple for your child to follow. This could include picking out clothes together for the next day the night before, so they know what to put on in the morning and avoid arguments. Have breakfast be simple, yet nutritious. Clearly let them know some hygiene items that must be done such as combing hair and brushing teeth before heading out the door.

After school and in the evening, establish a homework check time that fits into the schedule. While a parent is making dinner a child could be doing their homework alongside them in the kitchen, so if they have any questions a parent is right there to check.

In the hour before bedtime, is the child wresting with their siblings, eating sugary snacks or engaging electronics? This may be preference for a child, however these activities make it difficult for a child to settle down and relax their minds. Alternative activities could include: taking a walk around the block, a board game, or reading a book. Bath time, pajamas, taking care of their teeth, and a healthy snack before bed are appropriate, so late night hunger does not disturb their sleep. To comfort a child while sleeping include their favorite stuffed animal or blanket for soothing relaxation.

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