Game Ready rentals available in Campbell County

Aug 08, 2019

If you’re recovering from an orthopedic surgery, or suffered a musculoskeletal injury, you can’t wait to get back to the activities you love as quickly as you can. That’s where a Game Ready® can help your body heal faster and recover better.

If you need a Game Ready in the Gillette, Wyoming area, Campbell County Health’s Home Medical Resources is offering rentals starting summer 2019.

RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) has long been used to treat injury and to assist in the recovery and rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery. The Game Ready System simultaneously delivers both adjustable cold therapy and intermittent compression with its innovative ACCEL® Technology (Active Compression and Cold Exchange Loop). The system progressively increases and releases pressure while also rapidly circulating ice water through separate wrap chambers.

Game Ready's temperature adjustability allows for customized and comfortable cold application, which can help to improve patient compliance while decreasing pain and muscle spasms, tissue damage and swelling.

Compression has been shown to limit swelling, control edema formation, and accelerate the healing process. In addition, intermittent compression has been shown to be more effective than static compression in the clinical setting. Game Ready’s intermittent compression conforms the wrap to the contours of the body to aid in the delivery of the cold therapy.

Using a Game Ready unit after surgery:

  • significantly reduces pain
  • significantly reduces swelling
  • improved range of motion

Game Ready rentals available in Campbell County Rent a Game Ready® from Home Medical Resources for your injury or surgery recovery at home. Call 307.688.6260 to learn more. Home Medical Resources is at 901 W. Second Street in Gillette, across from the Rockpile Museum. Hours are Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm.

The best care can be provided if the patient takes the sleeve and wrap (bladder) with them the day of surgery. Campbell County Memorial Hospital will provide the device after surgery and during their hospital stay; there is no need to bring the unit (box) on the day of surgery. A doctor’s order is required. Insurance may or may not cover this device.

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