Excellence in Action: Growing into a Healthcare Career

Jun 19, 2019

Even as a Junior Volunteer, Daryan Case loved babies and babysitting. She participated in the Campbell County Health Junior Volunteer program beginning in seventh grade, going to the Campbell County Memorial Hospital Maternal Child Unit whenever she could. Up to 40 Junior Volunteers spend each summer working in many different areas of the organization, essentially ‘trying on’ what it’s like to work in healthcare, just like Daryan did.

While still in high school, Daryan trained and was certified as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), and after graduation, she worked for several years at a local home care agency and at the Campbell County Senior Center. Her duties at the time included working with mostly geriatric patients, helping with bathing, and cleaning for people who were still able to live at home.

Fast forward to 2019. Daryan had the opportunity to work in the Maternal Child Unit at CCMH as a CNA, and started work in February. She describes herself as upbeat and likes to have fun on the job.

Josie LeMaster, Director of Maternal Child Services, agrees. According to Josie, a CNA on her unit has three different roles: clerical duties, clinical duties like taking vital signs and helping patients get in and out of bed, helping with infant care and stocking patient supplies. Daryan also helps with setting up the equipment and supplies needed for deliveries and circumcisions.

“Daryan is professional and positive,” said Josie. “I remember a pretty difficult patient situation that Daryan handled very well. She actually teared up because we complimented her on her performance while under pretty significant stress. I wish I could clone her.”

Daryan and her husband, Ty, just bought a fixer upper, and spend their free time on DIY projects. She hopes to someday attend nursing school and continue her healthcare career path.

One of CCH’s strategic goals for the next few years is to develop a future workforce: getting more young people interested in healthcare careers and making sure current employees get the training they need to advance. This might include introducing healthcare to even younger kids in the future through learning fairs at their schools, and expanding local training programs for careers in the Laboratory, Emergency Medical Services and CNA departments.

“It’s pretty well known that there is already a shortage of qualified healthcare workers that is only going to get worse in the future,” said Noamie Niemitalo, Vice President of Human Resources. “Healthcare careers are great careers with good wages. People can find a healthcare job wherever they want to work. Besides that, healthcare is an extremely fulfilling profession. Healthcare workers can literally change lives.”

Growing your healthcare career
Campbell County Health has many opportunities to begin a healthcare career. Check the website for current job openings at www.cchwyo.org/careers.