Being healthy feels warm and cozy

Jan 22, 2015

I love socks. It seems like I never have enough of them. There are socks for every occasion—merino wool, white tube and argyle dress socks, as well as low-cut black socks for working out. Regardless, they always make me feel warm and cozy. However, not everyone in Campbell County has the socks they need. That’s why we’re linking the warmth and coziness one feels by putting on a pair of socks to good health.

Through the end of February, we will donate a new pair of socks to the Council of Community Service’s homeless shelter, the Way Station, for each new patient visit for Dr. Iams, Dr. Koduri, Dr. Noonan and Dr. Tracey at Campbell County Medical Group's new Main Clinic. It is a great way to welcome these new physicians, and give something back to those who have a need in our community.

If you need primary care or have a sports medicine concern, consider checking out Campbell County Medical Group's Main Clinic and help us give back to our community. Learn more at